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Transfăgărășan; Romanian word for ‘a day of pain’

Someone had mentioned to me the Transfăgărășan highway, a road spruiked by Top Gear as one of the world’s greatest driving roads, and as a result a hugely popular route. It runs north-south over the spine of the Carpathians in Transylvania and is the second highest paved road in Romania, reaching 2000m elevation. It’s also a pretty popular cycle …

A warm Romanian welcome

I exited the Schengen zone into Romania with 2 days to spare. Never much of a rule breaker, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d understood the ‘90 days in the Schengen Zone’ rule correctly. While living in the UK I had made many short trips into Europe, but I decided that I would start counting the 90 …


A reluctant blogger

I never intended to write a blog about my journey back to Australia by bike. I told everyone ‘No, the trip is for me I don’t want to spend my downtime updating a blog’, and there’s bucket loads of blogs out there anyway. However my feelings have changed and that’s not due to the extra time I now have due to COVID-19. There are solo female cycle tourers out there, but I did find them a drop in the ocean when looking for advice from women for women. So I’m hoping that stories from my experience can be helpful to others.

Who am I?

I am Lauren an average everyday woman in my early 30’s, cycling back to Australia. I finished secondary education and went straight to university. Always very driven I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the environmental sector, and had a particular interest in invasive species management. I worked for various councils and state government departments, revegetating riparian areas, educating the public and planning and conducting pest surveillance programs over the course of 8 years. Work is important to me and I personally need to enjoy what I do, but there really is more to life than work.

I’m fascinated by the boundaries humans can push and the mental process required for that. I’ve always found it interesting how a hiking trip could be a miserable disaster, yet in retrospect you have fond memories of it.

I prefer the company of furry creatures from the animal kingdom over people, and am a strong supporter of the rights of women and girls. I am passionate about promoting cycling as an environmentally friendly and socially pleasant mode of transport or travel.